Suspected cannibal Mandisi Gwanya after his arrest in South Africa

Police have saved a man from a lynch mob after he was accused of digging up a child’s body and eating it.

The sick cannibal then allegedly offered some of the flesh to his neighbour. But she fled and raised the alarm after reportedly seeing a child’s hands and rib bones sticking out of the saucepan. A baying crowd came to lynch Rui Foia in Tete, Mozambique.

But police moved in and took him to prison. Cops said they also found two pots filled with the cooked arms and legs of a child’s body, believed to be that of a girl in the village who recently died. Foia, 30, also had clothing and photos stolen from other graves.

Local police spokeswoman Lurdes Ferreira said: “There are indications that may prove the involvement of Rui Foia in desecrating graves.” He was held for a fortnight after 10 graves — nine of them children’s, were vandalised in the local cemetery.

A gravedigger called Joao Buino was also arrested, said Ferreira. Locals have claimed Foia had a mental illness caused by smoking too much cannabis. According to local media, he had refused to obey the instructions of a witchdoctor which would apparently cure him.

Ferreira went on: “We will have to contact the health authorities so that they can help us discover whether Foia really suffers from mental illness.”

This is the third cannibalism scandal to hit the south of Africa recently. Last week Madisi Gwanya, 30, reportedly confessed to skinning his four-year-old nephew alive, drinking his blood and eating his heart and brains in South Africa.

Neighbours said the ribs of poor Kamva Ngala were found on the sideboard. His skull had been skinned and served with half of his brain with salt. Four killer cannibals are also awaiting trail in South Africa, after one told shocked cops: “I’m tired of eating human flesh.”

The man then handed over part of a human leg and hand to police.

Source: Daily Star UK