Drake just caught another L. The 6 God’s tour bu got towed, right before he is scheduled to hit the road with the Migos no less. 

No word on why Drizzy’s wheels are at the tow pound.The rapper/singer’s tour bus was towed away from a hotel parking lot in Kansas City, MO around 3 AM Thursday. Sources at the hotel tell us Drake and his crew are staying there … but it’s unclear why they lost their wheels. 

We’ve checked with Kansas City law enforcement … they tell us there are no citations or arrests connected to the bus — but it’s possible it could be a repossession. In Missouri, repo companies don’t have to notify cops.

Drake’s rep says he’s not the owner of the bus — it’s a rental for touring — so if there’s an issue with money … it’s on the bus company.

The Aubrey & the Three Migos tour is scheduled to kick off tomorrow.

We trust he’ll get this situation handled before then. Or he can always hop aboard the Migos’ tour bus…

UPDATE: Drake reportedly doesn’t actually travel in the bus that was towed. But we still need answers.

This story is developing


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