Men who gain access to p*rnographic materials at young age are likely to desire power over women, it has been revealed.

According experts at the American Psychological Association, that’s a problem.

“We found that the younger a man was when he first viewed p*rnography, the more likely he was to want power over women,” says study co-author, Alyssa Bischmann.

She said this at the presentation of the findings to the APA at the organisation’s annual conference.

Bischmann’s study surveyed 330 undergraduate male and found that the average scholar saw their first porn at age 13.

The researchers also found that men who discovered p*rn later in life were more likely to pursue the promiscuous playboy lifestyle; but men who saw porn earlier in life were more prone to answering questions on masculinity that indicated an inclination to assert themselves over women.

The researchers are hopeful that the findings can inform s*xual assault prevention efforts, especially in a youth generation with the World Wide Web at their fingertips.


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