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I’ve been having brilliant s*x with my friend’s fiancé but I know it is wrong and want out. I’m 16, my friend is 23 and she’s really nice.

Our families are close and she’s been like a role model to me since I was little. She and her fiancé have the cutest one-year-old son, who I help to look after sometimes. Her fiancé is 29.

I was babysitting for them at their house while they had a night on the town. They came home very late and a bit worse for wear. She went straight up to bed but he wanted to chat — and a couple more drinks.

He sat down beside me and told me how grateful he was for the babysitting, how pretty I looked and how I would make a man very happy one day. Then he leaned over and kissed me.

It felt really nice but I thought of my friend and said, “I must go.” He walked me home and I felt myself falling for him in a very big way. We later started to text and it got a bit dirty and flirty. I thought he was just a big tease but then he turned up on my doorstep one night when my parents were out.

We went for a drive and he parked up and got out some weed. We smoked for a while before kissing and cuddling began. We had s*x that night and it felt really great.

We’ve had s*x a few times since and it felt good to be with this older, experienced man. He said he’s not getting on with his fiancée and he sleeps on the couch.

But then I thought, “Yeah, right. That’s just what he would say to get what he wants.” I thought of my friend and her sweet little boy and I’ve decided I don’t want to see him again.

I’m not sure how to end it though without causing any trouble or my friend finding out.