File photo: black couple in their underwear in hot romantic mood

These are the ones the Bible called “enemies within”. They are the woman’s friends. They are close to her, know her secrets, eat her food and even play with her children. Everyone knows how good they are yet she is sleeping with her friend’s husband. They are difficult to catch because they know the schedule of their friend. They sleep with the man on his matrimonial bed with her best friend’s picture hanging on the wall. They just want to have a piece of the cake and action. The wicked ones scheme to drive out their friend and take over.
Her goal is to destroy the marriage. She wants him to chase away/divorce his wife so she can take over. She can go diabolical to achieve her aims. She is the one that usually call the wife to threaten her. She has the man’s Mumu button and the man can spend all his cash on her while giving his wife and kids nothing. This side chick always want to be number one.
She knows he is married. She is desperate and her goal is to marry the man. She doesn’t give a hoot whether the man’s wife is alive or not. She is willing to be a second, third or even fourth wife. She wants her own apartment and car and will marry the man and bear him kids. Most times, they prefer to have their own place when they finally marry the man. They don’t want to compete with madame inner sanctuary.
he knows he is married. He confides in her so she listens to his lies about his wife. He tells her how sexually frustrated he is, how she denies him sex for months and how she treats him badly. She falls for the lies and start to pity him. She starts giving him sex to compensate for the frustrations from his wife. She isn’t doing it for material gains. To her, he is a nice man while his wife is a witch.
She knows the man is married. All she wants is his money and the benefits of a full time side chick. It’s a case of money for hand, back for ground. Goodies in exchange for good sex. She has her own relationship but doesn’t mind making money on the side fucking other men. They are mainly runs girls. They usually feel they are doing the marriage a favour by keeping the man sexually satisfied.
she doesn’t know the man is married. The man pretends to be single and want to marry her. She thinks she is in a serious relationship with him and cuts out other suitors. She can see the signs that things don’t add up but she ignores them all. He is single on social media, no wedding pictures on his phone, she has met his relatives and even spoken to his mother. She end up finding out when she is neck deep into the relationship.