Russian football player, Stanislav Manayev blowing his nose with money

In an act that has sparked controversy on social media, Russian football player Stanislav Manayev was filmed blowing his nose with a 5,000 roubles – the equivalent of 70 euros – note.

The FC Tonso player was travelling with his teammates by plane, when he asked one of his colleagues to give him something to clear his nose, being offered several 5,000 rouble bills.

“I could give this money to people in great need, but I’m not going to do it because I have snot,” he said and blew his nose with the note, before throwing it to the floor.

A video of this was subsequently uploaded to Instagram, although it was deleted shortly after, as the account was bombarded by comments of disapproval.

Russian sports minister Pavel Kolobkov reacted to the controversial video too.

“There is no doubt that the video points to the low cultural level of that player, I am sure it will serve as a lesson,” he noted.

Manayev has also been criticized by the head of the organizing committee of the 2018 World Cup, Alexei Sorokin.

Watch video below: