Suspected Thief Defecates In Victim’s House, To Prove A Point


The Suspect

A suspected thief nabbed around 1a.m, inside a compound in Sapele, Delta State, decided to defecate in the compound, just to prove that he is innocent.

According to reports, on Tuesday, a group of robbers attacked the compound and were spotted by neighbors who shouted for help. The other gang members took to their heels, abandoning their colleague, who was promptly apprehended.

However, upon interrogation, he claimed he was pressed and decided to jump into the compound to defecate around 1am, before himself and his gang members decided to use the opportunity to steal. .

He was latter locked in a balcony, pending when he would be handed over to the police. But before the arrival of the police, he decided to defecate in the balcony to prove that he was telling the truth. That singular act earned him enough beating, before the arrival of the police.

Written by Kuffz