Tragedy As Young Nigerian Man Commits Suicide In Germany

Francis Ibegbulem

A Nigerian named identified as Francis Ibegbulem from Imo State, has committed suicide in the city of Altenstadt Bayern in Germany.

The late Francis moved into Germany from Turkey in 2015 and he was lucky to be granted 3-year asylum by the German government.

When Diaspora Reporters, contacted the late Francis’ friend in Germany to ascertain what led to his death, the true cause of his death was still sketchy because of two reports that trailed his death.

According to information from one of his friends who doesn’t want his name to appear in the news, he said the late Francis used to complain about unseen beings following him everywhere he goes. They said he used to soliloquize often and this was what made his company to sack him.

However, another report says that he got jilted by his long-term girlfriend in Nigeria who recently got married to another man after Francis had invested so much on her.

The late Francis who was born in 1983 tried using a kitchen knife to kill himself before he ran into the forest and hung himself.

Written by Kuffz