Killers Targeted Him.The person or persons who gunned down XXXTentacion likely knew who he was, and XXX struggled for his life.

According to police documents, there were 2 men who jumped out of the passenger side of an SUV armed with guns and demanded property from XXX. The documents say there was a “brief struggle.” He was then shot multiple times … the killers removed a small bag from XXX’s car and then fled the scene.

TMZ broke the story … X was gunned down leaving a motorcycle shop in Pompano Beach, Florida Monday. The document says, as XXX was leaving to get into his car, the SUV pulled in front of him to block him from leaving, and that’s when the gunmen jumped out.

Dedrick Williams has been arrested for the murder.

cops have arrest warrants for 2 others. It’s interesting . according to the document, it appears Dedrick may not have been the actual shooter. It says he “had an active part in the murder of [2 words redacted] by blocking in the victim’s vehicle so that the two gunman (sic) could rob the victim at gun point.”

The Medical Examiner ruled the cause of death as multiple gunshot wounds.Dedrick Williams has been arrested for the murder. Efizitv broke the story 

There is surveillance video and, according to the warrant, Dedrick was wearing a white tank top and bright orange-colored sandals. Dedrick’s Instagram and Facebook accounts show a photo of him wearing orange sandals. The other gunman was wearing dark clothing and a red mask.

Cops also have surveillance video from a store prior to the murder, showing Dedrick purchasing a black, neoprene mask.

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